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Easter games

Easter games familyEaster is about fun and what is more fun that Easter games. On this page we have gathered a lot of games you can be inspired by.

Easter Egg Bowling

This Easter game is like homemade bowling. You have to boil some eggs, have the kids color their own eggs (two each). Remember to leave one egg white.
Now you have to roll the white egg in the middle of a room or the garden (if it has a flat and not to soft surface) and let the kids roll their colored eggs towards the white egg. The one who is closest gets a point.

How to count points and how many rounds being played is up to you to decide.

Easter bunny

Easter Egg Roll Game

The egg roll game is fun for all – you can use the boiled colored eggs as used in the egg bowling. You have to make a start and a finish line and then the kids have to roll their egg from start to finish either using a stock or maybe their nose – it depends on how much time you have :-) The obe who is first at the finish line with his/her egg wins.

Nosey Egg Roll

Ass mentioned above, the egg can be rolled with the nose if you go down on hands and knees. This is by far the most funny way to do an Easter egg roll game.

Duck Walk Race

This race is fun – and the kids love it. You have to set at start and a finish line in the garden or some other place outside. Then you get all participants to line up at the start line. When the race starts they have to squat down and grab their ankles from behind. In this way it makes it pretty hard to “run" in a normal way – and that is fun. During the whole race they have to held on to their ankles or else they are disqualified – first one over the finish line is a true duck :-)

Easter Egg Spoon Race

In this race you also need to make a track with a start and a finish line. All participants have to have an Easter egg that they have decorated them selves. Each participant has to carry their egg on a spoon while they run through the track. If the egg is dropped and breaks then the participant is disqualified. If the egg is not broken the participant can run back to the start line and start over again.

The Easter egg spoon race can either be done as a timed race where each participant run against the clock or all participants can run on the same time.

Easter Guess the Number Game

This is a counting game – where the purpose is to count all sorts of different things put into a jar.

Put different Easter candy into a big jar and mix it up by shaking the jar. Remember to count how many pieces there is of each type of candy. Now give each kid a pen and a piece of paper where they should write their name and the number they guess is of pieces of each type of candy in the jar.

The kid who is closest with his/her guess on the number og pieces of a particular type of candy, wins the pieces in the jar. This means that there can be multiple winners – each winning some of the candy in the jar.

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