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Easter egg

Nice decorated Easter eggsThe true symbol of Easter is the Easter egg it has been a part of the Easter traditions for many centuries. Many many years ago eggs were decorated and painted in beautiful colors to celebrating the spring. The spring was the symbol of life after the cold winter. Plants, flowers and animals grew during spring.

Decorated Easter eggs were also used as gifts, in egg roll competitions, as a symbol of love etc.

Easter eggs without any decorationIt is very different from country to country which traditions they have regarding Easter eggs and especially how they decorate them. Slavic people paint them in gold and silver where the Greeks paint them crimson red to symbolize the blood of Jesus. In Austria and Germany they are painted green to represent Holy Thursday.

In Denmark and other countries they blow the inside out of the eggs before they paint them. They are painted in all different colors and hung on trees, in the windows etc. during Easter.

The Romans also used to give out Easter eggs as prizes in the races they held to celebrate Easter. The tradition with races and games during Easter is still carried out all over the world. The most common are Easter Egg Roll and Easter Egg Hunt. He rules of both races/games are very simple but funny. Here you can read all about the funny Easter games and races we have described the rules etc.

Easter egg

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