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Easter egg hunt

Colored Easter eggs for the egg huntThe Easter egg hunt is a tradition in a lot of countries and the Easter egg hunt can be made in a lot of different ways. In this page we have listed a lot of different ways of doing egg hunts. Egg hunts for both kids and grown ups.

The small kids Easter egg hunt

In your house, garden or on the playground you should hide Easter eggs. Let the kids find them. Use good hiding places so it is a challenge for them. After having found the Easter eggs, they can have prizes, e.g.: small Easter baskets with sweets and small toys or other funny things that will make the kids happy.

The Fair-for-All Easter egg hunt

It can be a challenge of some of the kids finds more eggs that the others. But a solution to this problem is to let each kid have a color they should only look for eggs matching their color.

A funny thing could be to give each kid a t-shirt in the same color as the egg he or she has to find. Let the kids bring all the eggs before you start handing over the prizes.
Prizes could as mentioned above be candy but it could also be Easter colors which the kids can color afterwards.

Easter egg hunt in darkness

The Easter egg hunt can also be made in the dark, either during the night or in the basement. Let the kids use a flashlight. Or to make it even more fun, buy some headlamp flashlights, this will make the kids think they are real treasure hunters.
painted Easter eggs

Easter egg hunt with your name

On each Easter egg hidden, there should be one of the kids name. If a kid finds eggs with its own name they win a special prize.

Easter egg match

Before the eggs are hidden they should be split in two. In this way the kids have to find the two which match each other. In this way the kids might have to swap egg parts with each other to get eggs that match.

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