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Easter decorations

Easter basketEaster decorations are a very big part of the Easter. Easter decorations can be homemade or can be bought in shops og on the Internet. The most fun thing is to make Easter decorations together with kids – they seem to enjoy being creative, having fun and on the same time spending time with their parents.

Easter decorations can both be decorated Easter baskets, small houses or animals (Easter bunnies etc.) made out of cardboard, eggs decorated with paint and feathers. Only the imagination is the limit…

The Internet is full of inspiration on how to make Easter decorations. We have collected links to websites where you can get inspiration to Easter decorations. You can also buy Easter decorations online – here are a few hints:
  • Plenty of Easter decorations (search for: Easter)
  • eBay has a lot of Easter offers (search for: Easter) Home made Easter egg

    Easter decoration types

    Easter decorations often reflects the Spring because the Easter is going on in the Spring :-) Therefore the decorations almost always use flowers, lambs, bunnies, eggs etc.

    Flowers in the Easter are good! It is spring time and therefore easy to get the most beautiful flowers to make Easter decorations of.

    Easter eggs are always nicely decorated. Either painted eggs or beautiful made Easter chocolate eggs. You can paint the eggs your self or else there are a lot of businesses selling beautiful decorated Easter eggs.

    It is popular with Easter baskets. That is nicely decorated baskets – decorated with flowers, colored feathers and filled with nice Easter eggs – both chocolate and normal eggs.

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