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Easter bunnies

Easter bunniesThe Easter bunnies are cute and fun. Some will call the Easter bunnies for Easter Hare. The Easter bunnies are always depicted as a rabbit with a human touch. The story is that the Easter bunnies are the ones who are hiding Easter eggs and other Easter stuff in people’s gardens on Easter morning. The idea is that the kids have to find the Easter eggs in a hunt called a Easter egg hunt.

The Easter bunny is almost always carrying an Easter basket full of Easter eggs and other Easter goods. You can almost say that the Easter bunny is to Easter what Santa Claus is to Christmas. As Santa Claus brings gifts to the children on Christmas night, the Easter bunnies bring Easter eggs and Easter goods to the children.

Easter bunniesThe Easter bunnies are a strong symbol of the Easter. Therefore it is used for decoration during Easter and as a symbol of spring. Little Easter bunnies are often seen in Easter baskets, as Easter chocolate etc.

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