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Easter basket

Beautiful Easter basketEaster baskets are the most traditional gift during Easter. It is often given from parents or grandparents to the kids. The Easter baskets are often nicely decorated and full of nice Easter candy, small toys etc. The Easter baskets can be bought in a lot of shops but can also be made by you. The Easter baskets from shops are often expensive and the quality are not that good.

Make your own Easter baskets

The best Easter baskets you can get are the ones that you make yourself. And it can be done fairly cheap. To make a nice Easter basket you will need: Easter basket
  • A woven basket or a wicker basket
  • Colored paper and carbon
  • Hobby paint
  • Glue
  • Easter candy
  • Other fillings like toys, fruits Easter eggs etc.
With the stuff from the list above you should be able to make a nice Easter basket. You can always find inspiration on the internet. There is no limit on how to make Easter baskets; it is up to you to make it fun and colorful.

Easter basket fillings

Easter basket fillings

If you make the Easter baskets yourself, then you can make the filling unique and personal. For example if the one who gets the Easter basket is very interested in football, then fill it with football stickers, a football t-shirt , a mini football etc.
It can be done with any interests find out what the interests are and make the fillings of the Easter basket from that.

Other Easter basket fillings could be chalks, small jumping balls, jump rope and other outdoor toys.

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